Nuggets of Value Autumn Edition #3

For the September Edition of our Nuggets of Value we put together some very exciting discoveries gathered these past weeks for you. This time around we have two rather unusual sources to check out your AI fitness as well as a slender article pertaining to learning. Moreover, we follow a calendar which is to take us through this autumn and the month of October.

„I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.“- Albert Einstein

Sailing happily through autumn and making the world a better place while you’re at it

Autumn is upon us and before it gets dark outside, we decided to stop by “Action for Happiness” (as we do every month) where we discovered the “10 keys to happier living”. Sounds corny, right? Well, it is not! Because every month a new calendar which shows us how we can incorporate these key actions in our day to day lives by carrying out little deeds is released. We indeed deem “Action for Happiness” topnotch and do agree with the Dalai Lama in #OptimisticOctober when he says “Choose to be optimistic. It feels better“. We’ve already inserted the entries into our calendar here and you can access the complete Action Calendar for Optimistic October following this link:


AI here we go

Everyone is talking about AI and each of us has a somewhat different perspective on the subject, which is why time and again it is important for us to keep an overview to be able to pigeonhole the individual aspects of the subject matter. Two sources were especially inspiring in this regard, as they provide a broad overview on the topic, addressing the field in their own amusing way:

In „We need to talk , AI“ Lena Ziyal ( and Dr. Julia Schneider ( have compiled a truly comprehensive Comic Essay about what AI actually is and which chances and risks result from it. Everything runs under the slogan “Knowing the future is impossible. But what we can do: Knowing what future we would like to have. And then work on it.” This depiction definitely delighted us with the concurrent compaction and profoundness it employs in delving into the subject. With this, we agree with the many positive responses on the website and tip our hats to the authors. Follow this link to the download.



At the beginning of the year this free course offered by the University of Helsinki proved a positive surprise for us. As an MOOC (massive open online course) it pursues the same goal as the above-mentioned Comic Essay and could run under the same slogan. It continues to be a recommendation for informative learning, especially as the days are getting longer and longer. Anyone who’s already “AI certified” can certainly look forward to the scheduled follow-up course ”Building AI”.



When does real learning happen?

For us, conveying the art of learning and educational content has special significance: We are innately curious- and that is great, as we have the opportunity to integrate this attribute of ours into our professional line of work. First, we analyze and interpret, then we provide counsel to and support customers and partners alike. Enough reason to let ourselves to be spurred on from time to time by Tanmay Voras’ article „When Does Real Learning Happen”. His point list enumerates the basic parameters of learning. At first glance the list appears disorganized. However, after the second glance it becomes apparent that many of the points mentioned are true, that all of them never happen simultaneously, and that we need no structured theory for learning, but rather a grasp on the multifaceted situations which help us with creative learning. The infographic in the point list helps us remember important aspects using pictures.



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